Smallcreep's Day

Following yesterday's posting regarding Smallcreep’s Day, I did a bit of searching with Google, and came across this little gem:

It’s someone reading an extract from one of my favourite parts of the book. It’s not exactly as it was written; the words are in fact a montage of two conversations into a single (almost) monologue, performed in a menacing, distorted voice.

At this point in the plot, Smallcreep has found the factory offices, where he clumsily stumbles in on first a salesman and then the Managing Director. Both characters give him their view on life which is, I believe, the central message of the book. You may be tempted to view this critique of life as highly cynical, but I would suggest that it is quite the opposite. The acknowledgement that, if you have a dustbin, you condemn a man to empty it for you, is irrefutable. Here he faces up to the reality of capitalism, not in a sentimental hand-wringing way, but with a totally genuine and bluntly honest way. Well enough of my views – listen to it for yourself

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And if you now want to read the book, pre-order it now on Amazon – it’ll probably be cheaper than a second-hand copy on ebay.

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